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We are always sourcing the best rates available in the market. We understand how the economic environment and industry can affect our clients. We will recommend a mortgage that suits your current needs and future goals. We often receive limited time promotional rates that are not posted online. Book Now to schedule an appointment or please call or text us at 647-660-1129 for these unpublished rate specials. Keep in mind that the right mortgage goes beyond just the rate. It’s also important to consider the mortgage term, prepayment options, penalties, restrictions, and fees.

5 Year (Insured)
5 Year (Uninsured)
3 Year (Insured)
3 Year (Uninsured)
2 Year (Insured)
2 Year (Uninsured)
1 Year (Insured)
HELOC (Open)
7.40% (P + 0.20)

Rates are updated daily and are subject to change

Rates as of: Oct 15, 2023

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There’s no words that can describe how amazing the service was from the beginning until the end. Sean was very helpful, professional and knowledgeable. He saved me a lot of money by refinancing my mortgage, which honestly I thought might not be possible based on my situation. He ensured that he will make something work for me and that he will find a solution. And he DID!!! Don’t hesitate to contact Sean whatever your situation is. Best experience ever with a mortgage broker!!! I would definitely recommend Sean at Easy Mortgage Canada.
Ankur Yadav
Ankur Yadav
I would like to personally recommend Sean Ienco at Easy Mortgage. From the very beginning he was professional and reliable. He was very knowledgeable, and was willing and able to answer my numerous questions. He dealt with all of my concerns in a timely fashion. He was very accessible by phone which I found very helpful especially during stressful stages of the process. He is great at thinking outside of the box and helping you to achieve your goals. As the name suggests you will get EASY MORTGAGE through him. Thanks once again for helping me out for my mortgage needs.
gal fridman
gal fridman
Sean and his team at Easy Mortgage really do make it easy. This was my first home-buying experience. Being that I'm self-employed, my bank refused to pre-qualify me. I had been looking at homes when my realtor had recommended Sean's firm for my mortgage. When I first called Sean, within 20minutes , I felt I understood everything I needed to know about what it takes to "pre-qualify" for whatever mortgage I wanted. Sean took the time to understand my unique circumstances and did the research to find various programs designed specifically for my case. He was able to secure an incredible rate and worked hard to ensure this deal closed on time. I would highly recommend Sean and his team at Easy Mortgage if you're looking for the best rate and in need of a creative mortgage solution.
Eden Wine
Eden Wine
From the moment I first connected with my mortgage agent at Easy Mortgage Canada, I could tell I was being taken care of. I was blown away by the level of rapport facilitated in my exchanges with my agent. Easy Mortgage's professionalism and gentle approach eased my mind and helped me to feel sure of decisions I was making. I am excited to recommend Easy Mortgage Canada to others ! Thank you so much Easy Mortgage :). I'm so glad I found you.
Maor Sandler
Maor Sandler
Working with the brokers at Easy Mortgage was great! My mortgage was approved the same day I spoke with an agent. Furthermore, they were able to get me an interest rate much lower than my bank. I would definitely recommend to anyone!

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