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If you are currently a homeowner carrying a high interest rate mortgage or other debt, a refinance may very well help you save a lot of money. If you have high interest loans or are carrying a high credit card or line of credit balance, it may be worthwhile to consolidate your credit products into one smaller monthly mortgage payment or home equity line of credit. Aside from saving money, our mortgage strategists will help create a long term plan that will improve your credit score. This will allow you to take advantage of the lowest mortgage interest rates available in the market.

Take out Equity

As long as you have available equity in your home, you can take out some cash for personal use and life expenses such as tuition payments, home renovations or future investments. If you’re looking to renovate you will notice that home improvement retailers offer high interest rate credit cards. You can borrow the funds you need at a much lower interest rate by taking out a HELOC or refinancing your mortgage. Additionally, unsecured lines of credit also carry much higher interest rates than a mortgage. We can help you consolidate your balance. Talk to an Easy Mortgage Broker and we will find you the best product with the best rate for your equity take out.

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